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Fumbling Towards...Something

Which came first - the bad idea or me?

12 January 1983
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I update this so infrequently...here's the new latest and greatest (as of 03/05/08):

I celebrated my 25th birthday in January. In September '06, I shipped out from Ontario (my home for my entire life) and moved a couple time zones over to Alberta (Edmonton to be exact) in order to do my master's at the University of Alberta. Prior to this, I lived in Kingston, Ontario for five years, where I did a BAH in Sociology and a BPHE focusing on Sociology of Sport. To summarize my educational background: I'm chock full of opinions and everyone thinks I'm going to be a gym teacher. Why does all my educational information come first? Mainly because it consumes my life and eats my soul...and without it, I'm not actually sure how I would go about describing myself in this wonderful little box. As the culmination of my MA draws ever nearer, I constantly debate what the future will look like and what might be the best path for me to walk down.

I'm originally from Toronto, Ontario - a fact that raises more than a few eyebrows out here in Western Canada. Something about Toronto thinking it's the "centre of the universe" or something. Regardless, from Toronto comes my love of the Maple Leafs - given that I'm fairly obsessed with hockey, this is a rather significant part of who I am and what I love to do. I follow NHL hockey regularly (some might say obsessively), and am a fan of both Sidney Crosby (the subject of my academic work) and Alexander Ovechkin. I have adopted the Calgary Flames as my Western team, and to be honest, when I go to Oilers games, I cheer for the opposing team. I consider this payback for all the flak I get for being a Leafs fan. I also play hockey for a women's team in Edmonton, and generally love every minute that I'm on my skates. In the summer, I trade blades for sneakers, and play ball hockey. I'm debating trying out roller hockey. To summarize, I love hockey, in all its forms.

In the summer of 2006, to celebrate finishing up my undergrad, I cycled across Canada. It was probably the most amazing thing I've ever done in my life. I cycled approximately 8,500km in 2006; I followed this up with maybe 500km in 2007 (and that's if we're counting my time spinning indoors). I'm hoping to get out more frequently this summer, both on the road and on the trails. I've also added a third (and slightly faster) set of wheels to my arsenal; a 2005 Suzuki SV650s motorcycle. I am counting down the days until the streets are clear and I'm off and running.

If you pass me on the street, I am very likely to be listening to music. I may or may not be singing along.

I'm loud, I'm quiet. I'm different. I refuse to be boxed in by other people's labels.

I'm a lot of things no one expects me to be. I just might surprise you.

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