Dare (dragondare) wrote,

12 Weeks

Today marks 12 weeks post-injury (tomorrow is 12 post-surgery). I had asked my physio to help me set a lofty but achievable goal for me starting to run again and he had given me 12 weeks. So this week has been marked by a trepidatious determination to try and make it happen.

Made it happen. Got up to 4.7 for a couple one minute segments after doing a couple pieces at 4.0 earlier in the day.

I'm close to being able to hold an air squat in the bottom without losing my balance.

I box squatted 75-85-95-105-115x5 on Friday. I'm on the road to fixing my knees collapsing in. My body positioning is improving.

I can competently get up on my toes when on two feet. One foot is improving but I still need a wall brace.

I can walk up stairs properly. Down is getting closer.

Lunges are improving. My issue is more in my foot with my arch and extensors than having any issues with my ankle. The stretch in them is unreal particularly with my right leg back. With walking lunges I feel it on the tibia side on push off. I will nail these next week.

Worked on lateral walking and walking backwards this week. My push off is getting better.

Looking to be able to put more force into the ground. Continuing to push the running will help.
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